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        Today is 2021/1/21, Welcome to the web

        Chuzhou kexinMechanical technology Co., LTD  Chuzhou kexinMechanical technology Co., LTD. Is a private technology enterprise, established in December, 2010, is located in anhui province LaiAnXian economic development zone industrial district area C, covers an area of 40 acres, main workshop of nearly 10000 square meters, west of south los hi...
        Engineering  (a) the quality guarantee measures   1. My company is engaged in the machine tool, new energy equipment, environmental protection equipment design, research and development, manufacturing, mechanical equipment, mould, fixture and mechanical parts of the production, processing, and refrigerators, freezers mould, home appliance equipment,...
          So formal professional non-standard equipment and mold and chartered plane maker, has been in the industry enjoyed a good reputation and credibility.   So good professional technology professional t...

        Contact: WuXiaoKui
        Telephone: 0550-5683881 0550-5683886
        Telephone: 13905503746
        The true: 0550-5681000
        Mail box:
        To address: LaiAnXian industrial district

                                 in anhui province area C

                                 WeiErLu (after two west road)